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Proudly Announcing COPE '08 [Jun. 4th, 2008|10:31 pm]
For Presenters of Alternative Sexuality Topics


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Greetings fellow Kinksters!

You've been waiting for it, and now it's time!! Tickets for COPE - The Central Ohio Perversion Excursion are on Sale NOW!! Get them while theyar e hot, and at the best price of the season. Early Ticket Pricing is only $45! But only until June 21! So get your tickets and set your
calendars now for Sept 12 & 13, 2008! It's Central Ohio's own two day kinkstravaganza; a newer adult fun and educational event in Columbus, Ohio. Newbies & Experienced Kinksters of any gender or sexual orientation are welcome! To get tickets, just go
http://www.adventuresinsexuality.org/COPE08.html - read through the rules then hit the tickets link.

Ticket prices are as follows:
For Affiliated BDSM/Leather tickets sales* 
$45 - Early Tickets (until June 21) 
$55 - Regular Tickets (June21 - Aug 1) 
$65 - Later Tickets (Aug 1 - Sept 6) 
Non - Affiliated Ticket sales 
$50 - Early Tickets (until June 21) 
$60 - Regular Tickets (June 21 - Aug 1) 
$70 - Later Tickets (Aug 1 - Sept 6) 
(*Affiliated persons are members of Local/State BDSM/Kink groups and support their local communities.)

Come out to a wonderfully fun and exciting kink/BDSM event in Columbus, Ohio! We have something for almost everyone - if you have never been to an event or even if you hit every one, this is the event not to miss!  We're bringing in new presenters for one day of educational and
stimulating BDSM/relationship classes! 

Here is the list :
Keynote speaker - Mistress Simone from Chicago
Other Speakers - Jack Rinella, GrayDancer, Uncle P (Pere), Leon, Kimi, Dread Pirate Brian, Amber and Lori, Padre Pugno &
Madamoiselle B, Lady Justice and special guest Ms. Oregon Leather - Coral Mallow! 

We will also have new and former vendors from near and far. The large and comfortable social area will be available to connect
with new friends, or rekindle relationships. There will be Two full nights of Play Party Fun, filled with new and beautiful play equipment &
furniture! We also have more new happenings! With the addition of the Saturday Night Sensuality Space, the friday night Surprise Meet N Greet game, a chocolate therapy area, new music, and many other changes, things are bound to be hot!

We have added another class track for the afternoon! With 5 tracks of interest, from the basic to advanced, there is bound to be something to tickle your fancy! Basic/Advanced skills, General & Sacred Sexuality, Kink philosophy/polyamory/spirituality, Misc stuff and the new
ROPE/Bondage Track!!

It's gonna be fantastic - the site is coming up slowly but surely - you can check out the info at

Get ready, cause it's almost here!! and there will be more info coming soon!

See ya there!
Barak & Brat Sheba and the AIS Staff