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altsex_speakers's Journal

For Presenters of Alternative Sexuality Topics
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This discussion group is a forum for presenters, speakers and educators of alternative lifestyle/sexuality subjects to share ideas, information and get information from other people regarding topics they are/would like to present/teach about.

It is also a forum for people to talk about presentation techniques that have worked well for them, or solicit advice/suggestions on how to tailor their presentations to particular groups/audiences.

It is also a venue for people to discuss :
  • Upcoming events they will be presenting at,
  • Past events that they did present at,
  • Other topics related to events/organizations.
  • Resources available to presenters (mailing lists, etc)

    While lively discussion is encouraged on any topic presented, it is not a forum for destructive criticism.

    Please keep in mind that the material that may be shared here may be copyrighted. If you are going to use material posted here, you are encouraged to credit the people posting it (please ask first). If you are going to post material here, please keep in mind that it may be used by other people as a part of their presentation.

    Posting Rules:
  • If you want to make an Introductory Post, please do so on THIS entry. This is also a good place to comment if you'd like to explain why you want to join.